The IAS Triathlon Program is designed to support the developmental needs of the regions young talented triathletes by providing industry leading high performance sport development programs. Scholarships are offered for a 12-month period commencing in October with the majority of the program completed in the off-season before April.

Mr Brendan Sexton, Head Coach
Miss Lucy Cliff, Assistant Coach


Grace Mahon

Kye Robinson

Nash Hay

Brooklyn Henry

Zara Jobson

Freya Robinson-Mills

Liam Hinchcliffe

Thomas Jennings

Joel Offord

Mitchell Blackbourn

Deklan Campbell

Jacinta Cliff

Blake McKenna

Taj Hooper

Mackenzie Miller

Sophie Mills

Lauren Myers

Angus Waddell

The IAS Triathlon Program is designed to support the developmental needs of the regions young talented triathletes by providing industry leading high performance sport development programs. Scholarships are offered for a 12-month period commencing in October with the majority of the program completed in the off-season before May.

IAS Triathlon sessions will be held weekly/fortnightly at the IAS primary training venues including Wollongong Harbour and the Fairy Meadow Surf Club, however some training sessions may still be held at other Bowling Clubs throughout the Illawarra Region including Wollongong, Shellharbour, Kiama, Shoalhaven and the Wingecarribee.

IAS Scholarship holders will be exposed to high level competition through their participation in the annual ClubsNSW Academy Games, as well as through the various club, zone and state races which athletes are required to participate.

IAS Scholarship holders are expected to attend ALL scheduled IAS Triathlon sessions in addition to club, representative and other sport commitments.

The IAS is committed to the development of the holistic athlete by providing elite training in triathlon specific skill development, athletic movement development programs as well as an elite sports education curriculum.


Sports Specific Skill Development - SSSD

IAS Scholarship athletes are provided elite triathlon skill development programs and exposed to high quality instruction from the region’s leading triathlon coaches. Athletes are provided training in triathlon specific skill areas including swimming (incl. entry & exit), running and Cycling, transitions well as race management. Through the use of video analysis athletes are also provided both technical and tactical feedback on individuals techniques and decision-making.

Athletic Movement Development - AMD

IAS Scholarship athletes receive a comprehensive Musculoskeletal Screening and individualised pre-hab exercise programs as well as an athletic movement competency screening with specific high performance resistance training programs designed for individual athletes needs in line with the long term athlete development model. Additionally, scholarship holders will receive triathlon specific physical testing in line with the requirements of Triathlon Australia.

Elite Sports Education Curriculum - ESEC

IAS Scholarship athletes will complete an education curriculum covering sports specific topics including sports nutrition, performance psychology, drugs in sport and athletic movement & injury prevention as well as personal development topics including athlete professionalism, goal-setting & time management and media awareness & public speaking.

Education sessions will be in the form of workshops and seminars and may require athletes to complete online assessments.

Illawarra Academy of Sport Triathlon Program is a gate to the pathway of the Olympic sport of triathlon. The mission of the program is to introduce, teach and develop the fundamentals skills of draft legal triathlon in an environment that allows for individual development, self challenge and collective rise. The program is designed to assist young people who have an interest in the sport of triathlon and wish to understand what is involved in triathlon training and competition.

By means of educational and practical sessions and local competition throughout the 2018/19 scholarship year scholarship holders will be exposed to:

  • Running, swimming and cycling technical theory
  • Running, swimming and cycling competition
  • Open water swimming skills
  • Road and velodrome cycling skills
  • Draft legal cycling skills
  • Technical cycling skills
  • Strength and conditioning theory and practical
  • Sports psychology – self management, life balance
  • Optimal nutrition theory and application
  • Community and social activities

The IAS along with its sponsors and supporters covers the majority of the costs associated with the sports scholarship program. Scholarship athletes may however be required to contribute to some additional components of the program such as camps and tours.

New athletes are required to purchase the basic IAS Uniform which while partly subsidized by the IAS, is a cost to the athlete.

To be eligible for a Triathlon Scholarship, athletes must:

  • Reside within the Illawarra Region, Kiama, Shellharbour, Shoalhaven, Wingecarribee or Wollongong local government areas; and
  • Be a registered member with Triathlon NSW and with a club in the Illawarra region; and;
  • Be aged between 13 - 17 during the year of scholarship.

Young people who should apply for an IAS triathlon scholarship:

  • Those with a passion for triathlon, swimming, cycling or running
  • Those who seek challenge
  • Those with high energy levels
  • Those who seek excitement
  • Those who enjoy going fast
  • Those with strong or stubborn will
  • Those who like to set lofty goals
  • Those who love to compete
  • Those who love to learn

Satisfy the eligibility criteria and demonstrate the following qualities;

  • Physical abilities and physical skills considered to be essential for eventual success in Triathlon; and
  • Display an ability to apply coaching & technical instruction; and
  • Display attitude, commitment and dedication to improving performance; and
  • Demonstrate potential for selection into State or National representative squads 

What will be expected of 2018-19 IAS triathlon scholarship holders

  • Attendance and full application at all IAS training and education sessions including IAS testing
  • Attendance and full application at all IAS triathlon training and education sessions
  • Endeavour to compete at designated local triathlon events as part of IAS squad
  • Endeavour to gain the skills and proficiencies required to compete at state and national level draft legal events (including gaining draft legal certification)
  • Race any NSW or National level ITU youth or junior events if possible
  • Attendance at periodised IAS strength and conditioning sessions (unless already involved in triathlon specific S&C program, approved by triathlon program coach)

The selection process will entail trials using the TA Standardisation tests (swim and run time trials, rollers cycling and hockey field cycling skills test)


Selection Trials

Swim: 400m pool time trial with initial 50m sprint (split taken)


Cycle: TA standardised skills course – obstacle course involving multiple close proximity cycling skills.

 Rollers progression – stationary cycling apparatus requiring balance and pedaling skill.


Run: 1500m time trial with initial 200m sprint (split taken)

We acknowledge as a multi discipline sport athletes may be less experienced at certain parts of the trials. Overall performance, minimum standard, application and attitude will all be taken into account with selection. Should an athlete gain a triathlon scholarship periodical minimum performance improvement standards will be set according to trial results.


Triathlon sessions

Will be held approximately once a fortnight. In competition period sessions may be replaces with local races or sessions held in conjunction with races.

Nominations for the Triathlon Program have now closed.


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