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The IAS BluescopeWIN Basketball Program is designed to support the developmental needs of the regions young talented basketballers by providing industry leading high performance sport development programs. Scholarships are offered for a 12-month period commencing in October and concluding September.

Mr Rhys Martin, Head Coach
Mr Tori Forrester, Assistant Coach
Ms Lauren Sparks, Assistant Coach
Mr  Jaydon Beveridge, Assitant Coach
Mrs Kerrie Jamieson, Manager



Jake Bradley

Remy Martin

Asha Phillips

Samuel Brannon

Ruby Brannon

Mason Broadhead

Yasmin Butler

Benjamin Lu

Jackson Paulic

Imogen Thompson

Jessica Weston

Alicia Widjaja

The IAS  BluescopeWIN Basketball Program is designed to support the developmental needs of the regions young talented basketballers by providing industry leading high performance sport development programs. Scholarships are offered for a 12-month period commencing in October 2016 and concluding September 2017.
IAS BluescopeWINBasketball sessions will be held fortnightly/monthly at various venues throughout the Illawarra Region including Wollongong, Shellharbour, Kiama, Shoalhaven and the Wingecarribee.

IAS Scholarship holders will be exposed to high level competition through their participation in the annual ClubsNSW Academy Games, Inter-Academy Challenge as well as matches against teams from metropolitan Sydney.

IAS Scholarship holders are expected to attend ALL scheduled IAS BluescopeWIN Basketball sessions in addition to club, representative and other sport commitments.

The IAS is committed to the development of the holistic athlete by providing elite training in basketball specific skills development, athletic movement development as well as an elite sports education curriculum



Sports Specific Skill Development - SSSD

IAS Scholarship athletes are provided elite basketball skill development programs and exposed to high quality instruction from the region’s leading basketball coaches. Athletes are provided training in netball specific skill areas including catch & pass, footwork, shooting and defending. Through the use of video analysis athletes are also provided both technical and tactical feedback on individuals techniques and decision-making.

Athletic Movement Development - AMD

IAS Scholarship athletes receive a comprehensive Musculoskeletal Screening and individualised pre-hab exercise programs as well as an athletic movement competency screening with specific high performance resistance training programs designed for individual athletes needs in line with the long term athlete development program. Additionally, scholarship holders will receive basketball specific physical testing in line with the requirements of the Basketball NSW High Performance Unit.

Elite Sports Education Curriculum - ESEC

IAS Scholarship athletes will complete an education curriculum covering sports specific topics including sports nutrition, performance psychology, drugs in sport and athletic movement & injury prevention as well as personal development topics including athlete professionalism, goal-setting & time management and media awareness & public speaking.

Education sessions will be in the form of workshops and will require athletes to complete a home task as well as an online assessments towards the end of the scholarship period.

The IAS along with its sponsors and supporters covers the majority of the costs associated with the sports scholarship program. Scholarship athletes may however be required to contribute to some additional components of the program such as camps and tours.

New athletes are required to purchase the basic IAS Uniform which while partly subsidized by the IAS, is a cost to the athlete.


Athletes must be born between 2004 – 2006, athletes must be able to play in BNSW endorsed competition in U14 or U16 age group in 2019.To be eligible for an IAS Basketball Scholarship, athletes must:

  • Reside within the Illawarra Region i.e. Kiama, Shellharbour, Shoalhaven, Wingecarribee or Wollongong local government areas; and
  • Be a registered member with Basketball NSW through a regognised Association within the Illawarra region; and
  • Be available for selection in an association based within the IAS local government area. i.e. make yourself available for association trials and representative programs.
  • Athletes should be competing in the U14 – U16 age groups in BNSW Leagues including: MJL, EJL, SJL, WJL, CPL or sanctioned events
  • Athletes must be able to play in BNSW endorsed competition in U14 or U16 age group in 2019.

NB: Subjectivity is an unavoidable element of selection to the IAS BluescopeWIN Basketball Squad.


  •  Potential to achieve at State, National and International representative levels


  • Attitude to become an exceptional basketball player

Mental toughness, concentration, strength, temperament, determination, commitment, performing in adverse conditions, coping with pressure/setbacks/criticism & persistence


  • Athleticism and Physical capabilities

Physical ability as per Baimed screening and IAS testing


  • Positional Abilities and skill

Guards – Ball handling with both hands, accurate passing and footwork on defence and offence

Forwards – Running the floor, rebounding, shooting, and defending 1-5 positions

Centres – Interior presence, rebounding, shot blocking, post moves

*All positions require the skill of communication


  • Individual application in training and competition

Attendance, availability, ability to rehabilitate from injury, develop outstanding work ethic


  • Team/squad orientation

An individuals ability, within a team sport, to ‘fit in’ & influence the squad/team in a positive manner

Attending trials sessions for the IAS Basketball squad is mandatory for all applicants.

Trial Sessions will be held at UOW Aquatic Centre.

Tuesday 11 September at   5  pm.

Tuesday 18 September at    5 pm.




5:10pm Warm up/full court cone drill

  (Footwork, ball control, shot technique)

Active stretch (knee to chest, single leg RDL, squat with side lunge, quad, stretch, toy soldiers, hip rotation)


5.30pm Intro special guests


5:35pm Shooting games

  4 groups/ 1 coach per group

            (shot technique/communication)

            2’s, 1 dribble, 3’s (team)

            elbow to 30, 3’s to 15 (team)

            most 2’s in a minute (team)

            most 3’s in a minute (team)

            2-minute drill 

  Boomers shooting game



3-man weave

1 on 1

3 on 2 fast break


6:30pm Possible vs Probable games


7:00pm End of Training

  • BluescopeWIN Basketball Squad and Coaches
  • Program Overview
  • Program Specifics
  • Athlete Fees
  • 2018/19 Athlete Eligibility
  • 2018/19 Selection Criteria
  • 2018/19 BluescopeWIN Basketball Nominations Are Now Closed

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