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Getting to Know Dane Robinson

Published on 21st of Aug, 2018

IAS: Dane Robinson, new Athlete, Coach and Program Manager, welcome to the Illawarra, and to the Illawarra Academy of Sport!

You have just moved to the Illawarra for this role…where did you land?

DR: We were fortunate enough to find a house in Bulli. We don’t know the area at all and have since heard that it’s a nice area. We are really happy and like it there so far.


IAS: Where did you come from?

DR: Moved from the Gold Coast. It was perfect weather up there...12 degrees was as cold as it gets usually. So it’s been a bit of a shock to the system down here (especially with the cold wind).


IAS: What’s your family situation?

DR: Have a beautiful wife of two years, Emily, a one and half year old daughter, Elle and a 5 month old, Arlo. Home is chaotic and sleep deprivation is real, but it’s such great fun and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


IAS: Are you a good cook? … What’s your signature dish?

DR: I used to think I was a good cook and really enjoyed cooking, but my wife has really taken over the cooking duties the last year and a half, so I almost feel I’ve forgotten how to cook. Prior to that I cooked a mean lasagna and spag bol.


IAS: What teams do you follow?

DR: Mad swannies supporter!

Hate to support the Raiders (grew up in Canberra), Brumbies and I love the NBA – where I support the Golden State Warriors (started supporting them as Andrew Bogut was on the team).


IAS: What inspires you?

DR: Educating the next generation of athletes and coaches to train smarter. We have a culture in Australia of training harder and longer than anyone else, with the view that it will get you were you want to go. I would love to help change that mindset to training smarter and teaching the athletes to listen to and understand their bodies.


IAS: What sport did you play growing up?

DR: I started off as a swimmer before branching off into triathlon. I then dedicated my life to being the best triathlete I could be. I was lucky to travel the world and race professionally for over 10 years competing in triathlons up to Elite World Championship Level.


IAS: How did you deal with getting out of bed early to train in winter?

DR: I’m fortunate enough that all my really hard early morning winter training sessions are behind me. I still like to keep fit and it's just a matter of biting the bullet and taking that first step. It becomes easy once you’ve taken that first step and you’re always glad you’ve done something at the end of the session.


IAS: What’s most exciting for you about taking on the Program Manager role?

DR: The most exciting aspect is being in a position were I can make a difference. I can practice what I preach and I can do my best to help coaches and athletes in their pursuit of becoming the best in their chosen fields.