LoneStar Scholarship Program

The IAS LoneStar Scholarship Program (LSP) is designed to support the developmental needs of the regions young talented athletes by providing industry leading high performance sport development programs.

The LSP is for athletes who compete in the various sports, individual or team, that the IAS currently do not provide a Sports Program or athletes that do not meet their Sports Program eligibility or selection criteria.

The IAS LoneStar Scholarship Program (LSP) is designed to support the developmental needs of the regions young talented athletes by providing industry leading high performance sport development programs. The LSP is for athletes who compete in the various sports, individual or team, that the IAS currently do not provide specific programs for or for athlete who fall outside the sports specific eligability.

Scholarships are offered for a 12-month period commencing in October 2016 and concluding September 2017.

LSP athletes are provided a comprehensive sports specific athletic performance support, elite sports education curriculum and access to a range of elite sports development resources, as required, in consultation with the athlete and coaching staff. Athletes may be eligiable for financial assistance to source additional elite coaching and athlete development initiatives.

IAS Scholarship holders are expected to attend ALL scheduled IAS LSP sessions in addition to club, representative and other sporting commitments.

The IAS is committed to the development of the holistic athlete by providing support for sport specific skills development, athletic performance programs as well as an elite sports education curriculum.


Sports Specific Skill Development - SSSD

IAS Scholarship athletes are provided support for sport specific skills development. Athletes are offered support in sports specific skill areas, as required.

Athletic Movement Development - AMD

IAS Scholarship athletes receive a comprehensive Musculoskeletal Screening and individualised pre-hab exercise programs as well as an athletic movement competency screening with specific high performance resistance training programs designed for individual athletes needs in line with the long term athlete development model. Additionally, scholarship holders will receive sport specific physical testing in line with the requirements of the state and national sporting bodies.

Elite Sports Education Curriculum - ESEC

IAS Scholarship athletes will complete an education curriculum covering sports specific topics including sports nutrition, performance psychology, drugs in sport and athletic movement & injury prevention as well as personal development topics including athlete professionalism, goal-setting & time management and media awareness & public speaking.

Education sessions will be in the form of workshops and will require athletes to complete a home task as well as an online assessments towards the end of the scholarship period.

The IAS along with its sponsors and supporters covers the majority of the costs associated with the sports scholarship program. Scholarship athletes may however be required to contribute to some additional components of the program such as camps and tours.

New athletes are required to purchase the basic IAS Uniform which while partly subsidized by the IAS, is a cost to the athlete.

First Name

Surname Sport Council
Noel Stopher Lawn Bowls Shellharbour
Elena Deleveris Athletics Wollongong
Hannah Crinnion Athletics Wollongong
Valentina Aliprandi Equestrian Wingecarribee
Jake Beaumont Surf Life Saving Wollongong
Courtney Lendvay Swimming Wollongong
Matthew Gigliotti Volleyball Wollongong
Isabella Burnett Equestrian Kiama
Summer Simon Surfing Wollongong
Tai Simon Surfing Wollongong
Kiara Meredith Surfing Shellharbour
Miranda Blades  Gymnastics Shellharbour
Olivia Falconer  Gymnastics Kiama
Nathan Sopher Lawn Bowls Shellharbour
Jessica McDonnell Tennis Wollongong
Shiira-Paige De Horta Gymnastics Shellharbour
Keanu Sonny Miller  Surfing Wollongong
Emily Lord Equestrian Hacking Wollongong
Tahlia Collinge Surfing Kiama
Rhiannon Bainat Gymnastics Wollongong
Rosie Tozer Athletics Wollongong
Courtney Buchanan Fencing Wollongong
Sebastian Buchanan Swimming Wollongong
Kaimana Fittock Surf Life Saving Wollongong
Luke Morgan-Monk Swimming Wollongong
Rachel Cooney Hockey Wollongong
Caitlin Nastovski Gymnastics Wollongong
Alyssa Norris Pistol Shooting Wollongong
Zarko Selak Water Polo Wollongong
Kieran Woolley Skateboarding Kiama
Tenaya Hegarty Gymnastics Wollongong
Charli Hurst Surfing Wollongong
Zayn Timev Karate Wollongong
Ben Giason Soccer Wollongong
Harrison Iliffe Athletics Wollongong
Hannah Sheridan Gymnastics Wollongong
Ruby Pass Gymnastics Shellharbour

To be eligible for the LoneStar Scholarship Program, athletes must:

  • Reside within the Illawarra Region made up of the Kiama, Shellharbour, Shoalhaven, Wingecarribee or Wollongong local government areas; and
  • Be a registered member with the State Sporting Organisation (SSO) through an Association within the Illawarra region; and
  • Be affiliated with the SSO for the nominated sport; and;
  • Be of age 13 - 17 during the year of scholarship i.e. born 2001 - 2005
  • Special consideration may be given to athletes outside the eligible age, subject to the approval of the IAS board.

Satisfy the eligibility criteria and demonstrate the following qualities;

  • Physical abilities and physical skills considered to be essential for eventual success in your chosen sport;
  • Display an ability to apply coaching & technical instruction;
  • Display attitude, commitment and dedication to improving performance;
  • Demonstrate potential to be selected for NSW/National representation within 12 months;
  • The ability or potential to work as part of a team to achieve excellence; and;

The selection process for the 2018 IAS Scholarship include the following:

  • All athletes MUST submit an Athlete Nomination Form - Now Open
  • All athletes need to attend the Trial to be held between 11th and 22 September 2017

New Athletes Only

  • New Athletes will be required to attend a short interview with the IAS staff and coaches between Monday 9th October – Friday 13th October 2017


The IAS Athlete Scholarship Program is proudly sponsored by BlueScopeWIN Community Partners and supported by various local sporting associations.

The LoneStar Program is endorsed by various state and national sporting bodies through their nomination of athletes for scholarships

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  • 2017 IAS LoneStar Squad
  • 2018 Athlete Eligibility
  • 2018 Selection Criteria
  • 2018 Selection Process

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